Welcome to Makeup Recon!


Welcome beauty traveler! After years of poking, prodding, pushing and near demanding from my lovely friends and family, I’ve finally taken the plunge and started my blog. Devoted to all things beauty, I hope this blog can become a place for those travelers like myself, those searching for the latest, greatest and most overrated.

I love makeup. I mean looooooooove. Cosmetics, skincare, nail polish. If it’s beauty related, I’m on it. Because of this obsession (and shopping…addiction?), many friends and family check with me first before they buy something new. It’s not that I’m an expert, by any means, but I think I have a good pulse on new launches, and I like describing things in depth. I like to research. If it’s new and touting magical properties, I like to put on my bullshit detector hat and go for a look. Recon. Research. It’s my passion.

I hope you will stop by from time to time and see what I’m loving right now. Or loathing. My first official post will be about the lipstick that started it all. Her name is Russian Red. And she’s gorgeous. Sometimes we need to look to the past to forge ahead.

Stay tuned!


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